Escape from Tower One: The True Story of How Vincent Borst Survived the 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center and Led Others to Safety from the 82nd Floor of the North Tower

Escape from Tower OneThe true story of Vinnie Borst, an employee of the Port Authority, who survived the 9/11 Attack on the World Trade Center and led others to safety from the 82nd floor of the North Tower. A compelling account of one man’s heroic actions in the face of tragedy. A third of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to two funds: the Edward T. Strauss Memorial Fund ( to assist those with disabilities and combat homelessness AND the Aspiring Kindness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public corporation that provides financial assistance to support and enhance the abilities of emergency responders and service providers (

Print version: $7.95

Kindle version: $2.99

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“This chilling account of the hours between 8 AM Tuesday, Sept 11, 2001, and 10 AM leaves you wondering how anyone escaped Tower One. A first hand account: raw and moving.”Eddie Jones, President, Christian Devotions Ministries

“In this powerful telling of one man’s 9/11 story, readers will feel as if they were there, running breathless and sweaty alongside him as he and his heroic comrades did what most of us mere mortals would find too terrifying to do. This one belongs on your bookshelf!”Loree Lough, author of From Ashes to Honor

“This book describes the escape in realistic detail and gives you insight into these brave tales. The book is well written and keeps you interested from the start to the end. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it!”Jason, Huntington, NY